Natural Home remedies for Pink Lips

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Natural pink color of lips can be restored back with 5 No-Fail Strategies. These strategies are the home beauty remedies that are effective in reducing the  lip darkness.

Almond Paste Remedy to Fades the Dark Lips

Soak one almond in water overnight. In another small bowl also soak 2-3 saffron strands in one teaspoon milk. Next morning, peel the cover of soaked almond and rub it on a stone. Soon thick almond paste shall be obtained.  Subsequently mash the saffron strands in the same milk and mix it with freshly prepared almond paste. Apply this mix on your dark lips. Let it stay till it dries up fully. Later apply the mix once again. Finally after it is dried clean the lips with water. In case the mixture is left, keep it in the refrigerator and use it again in the night before sleeping in the same manner. This should be practiced daily to keep the dark lips moved out.

Beet Root Remedy Brings Back the Pink Lips

Take a small beet root. Remove it’s cover with the vegetable peeler. Cut into two. Put one beet root piece in pressure cooker. After 2-3 whistles on high flame turn off the gas burner. When the cooker cools down and beet root comes to the room temperature, cut into small pieces. Grind these pieces in the mixer without water. Apply this freshly prepared beet root pulp on the lips. Hold it for 15 minutes. Later remove the pulp. Wipe the lips with damp cotton or any soft napkin. With regular use of the beet root pulp on lips the dark spot on lip shall be minimized and lips shall become soft and rosy.

Rose Petals and Glycerin Remedy for dark spot on  Lips

Crush 4-5 petals of red rose firmly. To this add one teaspoon glycerin. Mix both well. Apply it on the lips and let it stay for 15 minutes. Later wash lips with water. This simple home remedy for reducing the dark lips should be carried out every night before sleeping. It is ideal for people who have dark lips due to smoking. Rose petals are effectual for lightening the bluish tinge that appears on lips because of smoking.

Tamarind Paste Remedy to get rid of dark lip

Soak small quantity of tamarind in very little water overnight. Next morning extract the pulp. Apply same on the lips with a cotton ball. Once it is dried clean with water. It shall take 10-15 minutes to dry. Tamarind is helpful in minimizing the lip darkness.

Dab Pomegranate Juice Remedy for Get Pink Lips

Prepare the pomegranate juice without water and sugar. Dab it on the lips with cotton ball. Leave it for 20 minutes. In between re-apply the juice thrice. Once it is fully dried wash with water. Pink color of lips shall return back with regular use of this remedy.

These remedies  shall surely help getting back the soft, rosy supple lips and dodge darkness on lips forever!

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10 Quick Brown spot on Lips remedy to Use Now

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Remedy to Lighten Brown spot on Lip

Brown spot on Lip and lip darkness is a regular beauty problem faced by people across the globe. When a problem exists, Remedys too have to subsist. Hence, for lightening brown spot on the lips, there are 10  Lip darkness Remedies that can be used instantly by women as well as men. Use the brown spot on lip cream for quick relieve.

Brown Spots on Lip Remedy – Saffron Strands and Milk Cream to Lighten the Dark Lips

Soak overnight 2-3 saffron strands in one teaspoon of milk cream. Next morning blend both well and apply on the lips. After 15 minutes wash lips with water.

Brown Spots on Lip Remedy – Almond Oil with Lemon Juice to Lessen Lips Darkness

In ½ teaspoon almond oil add 4-5 drops of lemon. Mix well and dab it on the lips. Hold it for same time period and later clean the lips.

Brown Spots on Lip Remedy – Vaseline Diminishes Darkness on Lips

Apply Vaseline petroleum jelly on lips at night before going to bed. Leave it on the lips for the entire night. With regular use dark lips shall change to pink color.

Brown Spots on Lip Remedy – Olive Oil Answer to Dark Lips

Trouble Prepare the paste by mixing equal quantity rose water, fresh lemon juice and olive oil. Apply in on lips as lip gloss and re-apply every time it dries out. Lip darkness shall lessen.

Brown Spots on Lip Remedy – Milk Cream Reduces Lips Darkness

In one teaspoon thick milk cream add one pinch of turmeric powder. After mixing the two, massage it on the lip in circular movement for 2 minutes. Then after few minutes clean lips with lukewarm water.

Brown Spots on Lip Remedy – Coconut oil in Navel Evades the Lip Darkness

Put 3-4 drops of coconut oil on the navel every night before sleeping. Make it a habit evermore. This would surely make the lips pink and rosy.

Brown Spots on Lip Remedy – Ghee Makes Dark Lips
Fainter Dab ghee on the lips after brushing the teeth before hitting the bed in night. It shall make lips soft and reduce the darkness.

Dark Spot on Upper lipBrown Spots on Lip Remedy –Glycerin and Castor Oil Removes Darkness from Lips

Mix together ½ teaspoon each of glycerin and castor oil. To this add few drops of lemon juice. Apply it on the lips before sleeping in night. Leave it for overnight.

Brown Spots on Lip Remedy – Toothpaste quickly removes the Darkness from Lips

Apply any non-gel whitening toothpaste on lips 5 minutes prior to taking bath. This would get clean on its own while bathing. With regular use, darkness on lips shall reduce.

Brown Spots on Lip Remedy – Coriander Juice Solves Dark Lips

Issue Grind one fist of coriander leaves in a grinder with very little water. Sieve it and extract the juice. Dab this juice on the lips 3-4 times in the total time duration of 20 minutes. Later wipe the lips with damp cotton and apply good quality herbal lip balm.

These 10 Remedies are few amongst the many alternatives to reduce the lip darkness. Pick that suits you the most or keep trying a different Remedy after regular intervals. Only consideration is to maintain the regularity and have the natural pink color on the lips forever!

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5 Things You do to lighten your Dark Lips

How to get Pink Lip

Lighten Dark lip color to pink

It is idyllic to exfoliate the lips once in week. Exfoliation is required because it removes the dead skin cells from the top layer of lips. The presence of dead skin cells on the lips make it appear dark as the new cells that are held behind does not get way to come on the top surface.

Use Dark Lips Home Remedies

Pamper the lips by using one of the several home beauty remedies for reducing the darkness on lips. These remedies utilize the natural ingredients that nourish the lips very well. It functions to lighten the dark lips and restoring back the pink color of lips.

Drink Plenty of Water

It is essential to drink minimum 2-3 liters of water in day. Lack of water in the body causes excessive darkness on the corner of lips. Hence, it is crucial to maintain the required water content in the body.

Consume Citric Fruits

While eating citric fruit in its natural from, its juice spreads on the lips. The citric juice on lips loosens the dead skin and shows way to new skin layer hidden below the top layer. In  this way it reduces the dark color on  lips from appearing dark. Therefore, consume minimum one citric fruit everyday.

Have Salads to lighten your dark Lips

A bowl of salads including sprouts is must for the body. The fiber in the raw vegetables helps in flushing out the accumulated waste from internal body organs mainly the intestine and stomach. A clean tummy is the key to rosy pink lips.

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