Dark Upper Lip Lightening Remedy

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Lemon for lightening the dark upper lip is the time tested proven recipe from the treasure of Grandma’s beauty tips . Women and men, both suffer from dark upper lip . It happens because of excessive smoking, less nutrition and natural aging process. Work on these causes and use lemon for lightening the dark upper lip .

Plain Lemon Juice dark upper lip remedy

Squeeze juice of half lemon. Dip cotton in the juice and apply it on the dark upper lip. Let it stay on the lips for 15 minutes. Later rinse it off with plain water. Carry it out twice a day. With regular use, slowly and gradually the natural pink color of the lips would become noticeable. This remedy seeks fresh lemon juice for every single application. Refrigerated lemon juice or bottled juice shall not give the desired results.

It might be a possibility that while applying lemon juice on dark upper lip few drops could be swallowed. Do not worry, it won’t cause any harm. In a situation where lips are cracked too much or chapped then do not use this remedy because lemon being citric in nature might leading to extreme burning sensation. Hence, first smoothen the lip then after apply lemon on lips to reduce darkness. Rest it is 100% safe.

Lemon Juice with Cucumber Juice to lighten dark upper lip

dark upper lip can also be trounced to some extent with the mix of lemon juice and cucumber juice. This remedy requires freshly prepared juices. For cucumber juice, take one-sixth piece of fresh cucumber and grate it with a grater. Put the grated cucumber in the center of a square muslin cloth and hold all the corners together. Holding the corners in one hand, rotate the cloth in one direction. Soon juice shall start dripping. Collect it in a bowl. Now measure one teaspoon cucumber juice and mix it with one teaspoon lemon juice. Add a pinch of salt to this mixture. Now, with the help of a cotton ball apply this mix on the lips. Leave it for 20 minutes. In between dab the mixture thrice. Once it is fully dried wash with water. Pat dry the lips with a soft napkin. It is a simple remedy which could be used everyday.

Lemon is the natural bleaching agent.

It cleans the dirt settled on the skin and reduces the skin pigmentation and work as lips hyperpigmentation. In this way it is able to reduce the dark upper lip . Anyone can use it for regaining back the pink lips . Only people having cracked lips must avoid it. They must first heel the cracks fully then apply lemon for reducing the dark upper lip .

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