Home Remedies to get rid of Dark spots on Lip

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Tomato is natural bleach as it is acidic in nature. It is helpful in reducing the lip darkness. It is not as popular as lemon for skin lightening but is equally effective. Here are few home remedies using tomato as its main ingredient to reduce the lip darkness.

Reduce Lip Darkness with Tomato Pulp and Glycerin

Dark Lips Remedies

Darkness of lips will be reduced by applying the mix of tomato pulp and glycerin. Tomato pulp shall reduce the lip darkness while glycerin would keep the lips well moisturized thereby protected it from getting dry or cracked. To use this home beauty recipe take one small red fully ripe tomato and ½ teaspoon glycerin. First deseed the tomato and grate in with a grater to take out the pulp. In this pulp add the glycerin. Mix both well and apply it on the lips. Allow it to dry naturally. It might take 15-20 minutes to dry fully. Later wash the lips with plain water. This remedy can be used thrice in week. It is safe to use for everyone accept those having chapped lips.

Lessen the Darkness of Lips with Tomato Juice and Honey
Reveal the pink soft lips by using the home remedy for reducing the lip darkness with tomato juice and honey. Take one tablespoon thick freshly prepared tomato juice and ½ teaspoon honey. Blend these two together to make a paste. Apply it on the lips with the help of index finger. Let it dry in next 15 minutes. Later clean the lips with lukewarm water. Tomato juice in the mix lightens the darkness of the lips and honey nourishes the lip. This is an effectual combination to triumph over the issue of dark lips.

Rub Tomato on Lips to Chuck Out Darkness
Pick a small tomato and cut into two pieces. Take one piece and gently rub on the upper lip as well as lower lip. Keep doing it for 2-3 minutes. Allow the juice to settle down on the lips. Once it is dry once again rub the tomato piece for 1-2 minutes. Let it dry completely. After it is fully dried wash with plain water. And apply a good quality lip balm. This remedy is easy and can be carried out anytime in a day. Infact, while watching television or working on computer this remedy for reducing lip darkness can be put into practice. The effort shall give the best utilization of time and optimum result of pink lips.

Utilize the natural ability of tomato to lighten the skin for getting rid off the dark lips. Here are the three solutions which are trouble-free. Get natural attractive pink lips that would no more need lipstick with these home beauty remedies as all what you need is red ripe tomato!

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2 Responses to “Home Remedies to get rid of Dark spots on Lip”
  1. Shobha says:

    Am suffering from dark spots. I just want to get rid of it.

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  2. Salem says:

    The top part of my lip is naturally darker. Would it still work if I was born with darker lips?

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