How can I order hydroquinone cream 4% without a prescription? – hydroquinone cream 4

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How can I purchase hydroquinone cream 4% with out a prescription?

dianne s

I have looked on, but they do not have hydroquinone cream 4%. two% does not operate for me.
It’s a skin bleaching cream that functions fantastic for me….reasonable skin.
Any website suggestions????

darklip lightening cream

Answer by º¤ø, PUCKER-UP,ø¤º
Go to a skin doctor.

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3 Responses to “How can I order hydroquinone cream 4% without a prescription? – hydroquinone cream 4”
  1. kelly says:

    Would you really trust a product that you do not have a prescription for when one is required?

    I would be afraid of what I actually got from the ILLEGAL source.

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  2. jenuttuhl says:

    you cant my dear….

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  3. brother3 says:

    Try canada drug hydroquinone(ultraquin) 15g sell 30.11$ .This is a international firm can mail to out side usa or canada. that mean not need doctor prescription from usa or canada.They will take care the prescription problems..Topical use drug should not have big problems.For professional ethical reasion,I suggest you closely following the direction of the use of this drug which come with the product.Since you are not under supervise by midical professional any adverse reaction should ask for medical consultation.

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