Red Rose Helps in Lightening the dark spots on Lip

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Dark Spot on Upper lipA rose shall help to get the rosy pink lips. Rose petals and rose water are two important elements used in home beauty remedies for reducing the dark spot on upper lip. It is combined with milk cream or coconut milk to double its outcome. It is 100% natural and easily available.

Red rose is close to heart but it is also dear to lips as it helps in reducing the dark spot on upper lip. The home remedies using rose petals and rose water had been used since ancient times to lighten the dark spot on upper lip . It is effective even today when the market is flooded with creams specializing in solving the beauty tribulation of dark lips. Hence forth, in the entire text, rose shall refer to red rose.

Hyperpigmentation dark spot on upper lip with Rose Petals and Milk Cream

All one needs for this remedy is 7-8 Rose petals and half teaspoon of thick milk cream. First meticulously wash the rose petals in the running water and grind them together in the mixer with very little water. Even if it does not come to a smooth paste, it is fine but do not add more water. To this grinded rose petal add the milk cream and mix well. Apply this dark spot lightening cream paste on the lips with index finger. Ensure to apply it thoroughly at both the corners of the lips as well as on the upper lip (skin in between nose and lips). Massage it for 2- 3 minutes on the skin in circular motion. Let is as it is for a while. After 15 minutes rinse off with water. This shall leave the lips soft and supple. It can be used everyday. With regular application, after 3-4 weeks noticeable change in the lip color would be visible.

Rose Water and Apple Cider Vinegar Reduces Lip Darkness

Lighten the dark spot on upper lip using the mix of rose water and apple cider vinegar. Take ½ teaspoon each of both ingredients. Merge it well. Dip one small piece of cotton in this liquid and apply it on the lips. Dab 2-3 times in 15 minutes. Subsequently clean the lips with water. Apple cider vinegar is citric in nature that helps in loosening the dirt and dead skin on the lips while rose water hydrates the lips and nourish it. After few weeks the lip darkness shall be reduced . It too can be used everyday. If it is used in night before sleeping, then after this remedy is exercised apply Vaseline on the lips and next hit the bed. In the morning significantly soft lips can be observed.

Fade the Dark spot on the Lip with Rose Petals Crush and Coconut Milk

Make the crush of 6-7 rose petals as mentioned above. To this one teaspoon of rose petal crush add one teaspoon concentrated coconut water. Mix both well. Massage the lips with this paste using index finger. Do it for 2 minutes and hold it for next 15 minutes. Later clean lips with water. Both these ingredients are effective in lightening the lip darkness . It is best to use everyday else alternate days it is a must beauty related activity.

All these rose allied home remedies for lightening the dark spot on upper lip worked for our ancestors so shall work for us too. Take advantage of it with an absolute belief and check out the results!

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Rating: 6.0/10 (2 votes cast)

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