Scar cream? – scar cream

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Scar cream?


I am just therapeutic from a deep scrape on my knee sustained two weeks ago. I would like to stop a bad scar by applying a cream although the pores and skin is considerably fresh. Does anyone know of any products to purchase that will prevent or treat a scar?

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Reply by spir_i_tual
Coco butter strong stick form, rub in hand right up until it melts, rub in knee as soon as a day for thirty days.

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4 Responses to “Scar cream? – scar cream”
  1. jymonster says:

    there are several creams on the market that work to prevent scarring. you can find them in the bandage aisle of your drugstore, but they can be very expensive.

    a cheaper alternative is to buy vitamin E liquid capsules and break them open, applying directly to the skin. that has worked for me.

    feel better!

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  2. Katie says:

    neosporin has always helped reduce my scars.

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  3. norag says:

    plan old coco butter in a tube or jar
    theres absolutely nothing better. u can pay alot more but won’t get any better results.

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  4. miranda says:

    palmers coco butter is brilliant! works on scars and stretch marks, use atlest once aday after showering

    hope this helps!

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