What do you think about Vichy products?

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vichy face products

Picture by andreakw
This is only some of my bathroom things. There’s yet another set of shelves out of the line of sight which shops some less attractively packaged things.

What do you feel about Vichy items?

☀ Marie

What do you think about Vichy products?
What Vichy items have you experimented with so far? Can you wright tiny reviews about them, did you like it or not?
Vichy or Clinique? Why?
I consider Vichy is greater since I purchased Clinique three step skin treatment technique and it dried my skin like hell soon after a few uses, and now I just utilized Vichy encounter exfoliator and moisturizer and I Enjoy it! My confront is genuinely great and sleek:D

Many thanks!
*Oops, publish not wright

darklip lightening cream

Solution by Beatles
vichy skin treatment is truly good creams are hydrating wonderful super dry skin

gentle cleanser is really mild I like it but I feel can be really high-priced so
I stick with drugstore brand name since they give me excellent benefits for significantly less.

clinique is a very good brand name but the three action is overrated worst toner has alot
alcohol poor negative negative.

as ahead of Vichy is great if youve the =dollars go for it .

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Splendor Explorer Rhiannon – Vichy Dermablend Acne Covering Tutorial Inspired by Lisa Eldridge

This was inspried by Lisa Eldridge to present that amatures can do it as well! I instructed Lisa about this tutorial on twitter and she has watched it and commented about it on twitter! I do repeat some points Lisa says as they are extremely true. Particularly the simple fact that if you do experience from pimples we do are inclined to cover our faces with make-up when as you can see from the turorial there is no require! You can adhere to Rhiannon on twitter – twitter.com Stick to Rhiannon’s personal weblog – optomistique.blogspot.com Follow TheBeautyExplorer blog site – thebeautyexplorer.blogspot.com I was not sponsored to do this video and acquired all the merchandise myself off of the Boots internet site.

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3 Responses to “What do you think about Vichy products?”
  1. visivo says:

    Hahah so true about the 17-hair-products thing :} My bathroom is very similar. Perhaps worse!?

    Found looking for short hair photos, Im thinking of cutting mine off again…


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  2. TheBeautyExplorer says:

    @lauracarolina I watched her video a few months before making this and thought she had some good points and wanted to state some of them as they’re very true! I also told her I was making this video wanting to show others that even amatures can do it! Thank you for watching and commenting :) xxx

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  3. lauracarolina says:

    pretty much the same tutorial of lisa eldridge, but i like that you used chanel pro lumiere

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